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This feature translates into their interpersonal relationships, where Taurus individuals tend to be either loyal and committed friends or fierce enemies. In line with that, they will have certain difficulties to adapt their opinions with the opinions of their environment, especially at the beginning of the process of harmonization. Once they have managed to grasp the given conditions and learned how to use their inherent skills, they can easily reap the benefits of their application.

In addition to being persistent when it comes to pursuing their goals, Taurus people are also very patient. This combination of skills serves them very well, and they are usually capable of accomplishing their goals, although not always without a cost. They are not so fond of sudden changes.

Taurus Lucky/Unlucky

That is not to say that they dislike traveling. They like to travel after previously carefully planning their activities while on the road.

The outlook of Taurus is always practical, although they never take money as such. They rather use them as a means for exerting power and influence. In business matters they show sharp powers of judgment. However, they are usually successful later in life, in their middle ages, after learning how to benefit from their experiences.

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They have a strong vital nature, and are able to generate a lot of life force when the circumstances ask for. As friends, Taurus persons are considered trustworthy and sincere. As much as they are sharp-witted in their professional life, they can be sensitive to emotional influences in their private life. To a degree, this might and be true in their business life too. Therefore it is best for the Taurean type of personality to make important professional decisions when alone and after careful considerations.

People born in this sign have a strong artistic side to their nature, which is primarily due to the presence of Venus as a ruling planet. Many great artists, musicians and painters are born in the zodiac sign of Taurus. Being very well organized, they feel great if their profession requires discipline.

All Taurus individuals are very diligent and hard workers, which makes them ideal for scientific research, military forces, administration, programming, or bank related jobs. Because Taurus rules the throat, singers or public speakers are also good professions for this sign.

Good news for Taurus in 2019 II Lucky sign

People who make a living doing public speaking or singing, as a rule, in their astrological charts have planetary harmony with Taurus. Taurus can be hedonist, sensualists and pleasure-seekers. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Share this: Facebook Twitter. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public.

TAURUS— THE BULL: Meanings and Symbolism

Name required. Owing to the specific interest humans have in different colors, there might be very few people in this world, who would equally love all the different colors. Almost everyone has a favorite color which might either complement them well, or might be the most lucky color for them, or even might be their most-loved because of the mental peace it gave. This thus means that we might find some colors soothing, while at times we might feel that wearing a certain color makes us aggressive or even lethargic at time.

This denotes the fact that the specific color did not suit our personality, and thereby failed at making us comfortable. This belief is given in Vedic Astrology as well, as it clearly marks the lucky colors that would prove to be power colors for us, as per our zodiac signs, and enhance our talents, and our overall personality. Being in Taurus, you would be attracted towards beauty, nature, and possessions.

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Venus has the ability to show immense love and find beauty in all things, and strives to strike a perfect balance in relationships. This would thus make the native feel a positive aura within and outside and give them reasons to always strive to move ahead in life. Apart from appreciating beauty and finding positivity in the worst situations, Venus also gives the ability to earn, make money, find ways to increase income, valuing the self, and also recognizing the abilities of others.

Each of these qualities would be enhanced if the lucky color is used more often so that it proves its mettle time and again.

taurus astrological color Taurus astrological color
taurus astrological color Taurus astrological color
taurus astrological color Taurus astrological color
taurus astrological color Taurus astrological color
taurus astrological color Taurus astrological color

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