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And yes, sex counts.

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If you do have sex during this time, either with someone new or a longtime lover, watch out for drama. Thursday, September 12 , is a passionate day as warrior planet Mars currently in Virgo squares independent Jupiter in Sagittarius.

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If you start any fires, be prepared to put them out. You may not be scared of controversy, but you're also not malicious as your reputation would have some believe.

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However, if romantic drama is a theme in your life, it's worth taking time to consider how your flippant actions can affect others. It's not your fault that you're so desirable, but not everyone moves on as quickly as you do. Friday, September 13 brings a full moon in philosophical Pisces. Expect conversations to come to a culmination, as everyone will be feeling both emotional and thoughtful.

If that scares you, stay at home and meditate on how you can get what you want with the least collateral damage. You're well-suited for Libra season; you appreciate the sign's love for a beautiful aesthetic and connect on an intellectual level.

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The next four weeks are an excellent time to put your professional negotiating skills to the test as fairness is in the air. Any lingering romantic turmoil should also die down. You'll need to start paying attention to your bank account.

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On Wednesday, September 18 , Saturn goes direct. Some financial gains might be possible for some of you in period from 6 Feb TO 22 Mar ; however there will be need to curb your expenses in period from 23 Mar TO 9 Aug Period from 30 Sep TO 28 Oct will also be quite good for better financial condition for you. From 1 Nov till end of the year will be tough period for your finances for you and in this period, there is need to take care while dealing your finances else you might go in losses in this period.

As far as child matters are concerned , this periods will be the periods where there is need to take proper care of your loved ones and that are : TO.

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In these periods, by your affection and care, your child can get strength and will perform better in tougher period. In rest of the periods, time will be quite better such that you can get happiness from child side. As far as initial education matters are concerned, in below mentioned periods , there is need to put in more sincere and concentrated efforts in studies to score better and that are : TO.

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Overall, it can be seen that almost full year will be full of pressures and thus students had to study with calmer note for better results in exams. In this period, there is need to concentrate on basics and do study with better time plan such that tougher lessons can be given weightage and results will be much better. As far as higher studies are concerned , again this are the periods in which there is need to focus more and that are :.

In rest of the periods, time will be quite better such that you can perform much better in higher studies. In period from 17 April TO 4 Jun , 5 TO 28 Oct some of you might get better and good news in relation to higher education.

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  6. As far as health matters are concerned , this year there is need to take better care of your health in this periods and that are :. Overall, confusions, tensions in relation to studies or in relation to domestic environment can put pressures on to your health and there will be need to take much better care of your health. Those who are suffering from skin, hair or liver related troubles should take extra care in this period for better health. As far as marital life is concerned, overall, period will be full of pressures and there will be need to fulfil family commitments on proper note else tensions and pressures will arise in your marital life.

    Due to health problems in family might also disrupt marital life happiness for you. Overall, smaller issues in family can become bigger and thus there will be ample need to avoid all those things that can make marital life problematic for you. For unmarried persons, this period might give some marital proposals to you. As far as career matters are concerned, again year will be quite tougher for you in which balancing between your personal and professional life will be quite tougher for you. On one hand, there will be pressures in marital life where as on the other hand, work pressures at work place will bring problems in life which will have effect on to your health matters too.

    Overall , there will be need to take break and rest for your health such that you can balance your personal and professional life on better note. Overall, balancing between personal and professional life will be the key to happiness. Further, at times your concentration might be lacking or issues with your subordinates or superiors might be there which had to be avoided such that you can use this year better for your professional life.

    The year gives you plenty of opportunities to make your life enjoyable and exciting, you just need to keep up your energetic spirit, and move on with an attitude full of energy, and zeal. Get your fortune predictions for You desire constant change and from career point of view this can be dangerous Read More.

    In , Saturn would play an important role in directing your love life Gemini Marriage Horoscope : Gemini, for those of you who are waiting or wanting to settle in the marital alliance, is going to be your year as per the Gemini Horoscope predictions Gemini Health Horoscope : The worst nightmare of a Gemini would be to stay stuck at a place for long time. You are always on the go and juggling a dozen tasks at work Login Sign Up. Home Horoscope - How is astrologically special?

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