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A survey conducted by Sudhakar Kunte of the department of statistics, University of Pune, has concluded that astrology cannot be considered a science. An initiative by Kunte, the survey supplied astrologers with horoscopes in random order.


The astrologers, with the help of the horoscopes, were supposed to predict various factors, such as the intelligence and sex of the person that the horoscope belonged to. The results, however, compelled us to conclude that astrology is not a science. The findings of this survey hardly support the claim of the predictive power of astrology on the basis of the horoscope, at least for the question regarding the intelligence of the person.

Refuting that the survey was conducted with a preconceived notion, Dabholkar said, "We have tried to prove this on the basis of science. Further, if astrology can predict the future of a person, it should also be able to say what his or her past was, he said. The Brahma Muhurta period occurs 48 minutes one nadi before the Sunrise.

You can use Archive Favorites to keep track of your favorite items and share them with others. For making this karma we need the following: 1 brass plate of 15inches diameter 2 brass chembu3 two brass tumblers 3 sufficient rice to fill the Hindu Calendar consist list of hindu festivals and Indian Holidays. This means that any work that is begun at the right moment becomes a success. Thus the literal meaning of the word is 'line of lights'. Sections of this page. The elements were extremely ple This year Vijaya Dashami is celebrated on Saturday the 30th, September So Maha Navami is also considered the eve of starting anything new on Vijaya Dashami.

Today, Abhijit Muhurta is considered a period of success and very auspicious time. Have a look. It is celebrated to commemorate the victory of good over evil. Nepali Calendar is the multicultural Nepali Patro with Events and Festivals of all the cultural ethnic groups of Nepal. Dussehra - Dussehra is a Hindu festival it will be celebrated on 8th October in These days the Hindu Sidereal Astrology has been gaining popularity in the West. Note: srirangaminfo. The best muhurtham for marriage is the most important time that needs to be considered, even more than other activities related to the marriage.

Shubh Muhurat In , dussehra will be observed on 30th September. It is the Chakra of Sri Vidya, sacred knowledge of the Goddess. A lamp with sesame oil is lit. The Shri V. The Word Diwali is derived from Sanskrit word Deepawali. Let's know the rituals of Dussehra and pooja vidhi muhurat This lamp should be burning all day and night till the tenth day or Vijaya Dashami. A day and night can be divided into 30 muhurtas and each muhurta weighs around 48 minutes. Though the whole day of Vijaya Dashami is considered as auspicious, Vijay Muhurat is even more meritorious to start new ventures, pujas and many other rituals.

It is believed that the donations and auspicious ceremonies performed on this day have long lasting effects. Abhijit Muhurta starts daily around 12 noon. Get best astrologers in chennai. To find out more about our plans or to make a donation, check our donation page.

A bad selection of muhurtham time may mean lifelong suffering.

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Thus Goddess Durga was created and she with her power and wisdom killed Mahishasur after nine nights of furious battle against him. Venue Mandeville Place. In Indian mythology Akshaya Tritiya has great importance. Vittal and produced by U. In , Dussehra date is October 18, Thursday. May Goddess Jaya Protect me from the front and Vijaya from the rear; Ajita from the left and Aparajita from the right. This is a compund of two words Deepa and Avali.

The officer is retiring on 31st July, on superannuation. As per Hindu Calendar, Muhurat is seen before commencing any task, ritual or remedy. Rayaru immediately realized the importance of this message and started the preparations instantly to necessitate the order of the Lord. Thai month have 29 or 30 panchangam On this day Lord Ram killed Ravan. In the divinity, there is nothing material Text 1 Part 1 : Janmadi asya yato. This is the reason they selected Abhijit Muhurta to commence any auspicious task. Taking up new projects and inaugurating any business is considered auspicious on this day.

Mysore Mysore — Chamundipuram — Chamundipuram. The wood that would be required during the paryaya is begun to be collected 6 months prior to the commencement of the paryaya. Have any doubts on vastu calendars, then Contact SubhaVaastu. The Meru chakra is a three-dimensional Shree yantra. Below is the procedure. Hours which are past midnight are suffixed with next day date. Vijaya Bhaskar was an Indian music director and composer who composed music for several mainstream and experimental feature films in the Kannada film industry.

We are currently fundraising to maintain the current site as well as to facilitate future developments. The word Akshaya means the immortal. A pot that has large mouth is taken and filled with sow and soil and seven types of grain. It is an Abhuj Muhurta. Vijaya Dasami is observed as Bijoya Dashomi, immediately after the day of Dashomi or the tenth day of Nabaratri, marked by a great procession where the clay statues are ceremoniously walked to a river or ocean coast for a solemn goodbye to Durga. There are many reasons to celebrate Dussehra, lets see the significance of dussehra puja rituals.

It can be effectively used for correcting defects of the north direction of health, fortune and money and northeast energetically most important and most valuable area of the house. In the divinity, there is nothing material This is one of the most important concepts of Indian astrology and it is called Pitra Dosh which is generally defined by many astrologers as the Curse of Ancestors meaning that the forefathers of the person having Pitra Dosh in his horoscope are unhappy with him and therefore they are cursing the native and due to that curse the native may suffer Those who are desirous of undertaking any type of Auspicious Task including Travel on Vijaya Dashami day are most certainly blessed, irrespective of Muhurta, Taaraa Phala or Chandra phala: Ashvayuja Shukla Dashami Vijayaakhyaakhiley Shubhaa,Prayaaney tu visheshena kim Shravanaanvita!

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandra Babu said that the muhurta given by a panel of Astrologers falls on 22nd October of at The Dashami Tithi will begin from pm on 29th September and it will end at am on 1st October The term Muhurat refers to the auspicious time slots that are best suited to perform various activities. Muhurta Naal. Lines in Italic are comments on what needs to be done while reciting the lines. Get information on muhurat and iits parameters in vedic astrology. Shree Mayapur Dham, Dist. Sloka is a verse, phrase, proverb or hymn of praise dedicated to the God.

Notes: All timings are represented in hour notation in local time of Hyderabad, India with DST adjustment if applicable. Arjuna, Abhimanyu, Vijaya, Varamahalakshmi, Dhananjaya and Eshwara elephants were spruced up with silk clothes and garlands. Soon she gave birth to a son in the auspicious Abhijit Muhurta and under the constellation Ardhra. Mithai Charitra — Naval Kishore Press. Worshipping lord Neelkantha on Dussehra brings prosperity. It falls during Shukla Paksha Tritiya in the month of Vaishakha.

In vivah kundli it is not possible to attain dosha rahit muhurta. The elements were extremely ple Today is Vijaya Ekadasi. All emails will be sent by Exotic India using the email address info exoticindia. Rituals of Maha Navami 14 Slokas and Special Slokas for each separate day of the week as pdf file Sloka is a term derived from Sanskrit.

These Kshatriya communities claim descent from Surya. Akshaya Tritiya falling on a Rohini Nakshatra day with Wednesday is considered very auspicious. This includes general predictions for based on Moon Signs Chandra Raashi This Rashifal Horoscope is based on ancient science of Vedic Astrology and gives details related to year for all zodiac signs. For Individual [Child] 1. The yogas are as under Exclusive Kanjivaram pure Shubha muhurta sarees. The time when the first pile of wood for the paryaya is gathered is called kattige muhurta. The date chosen by your astrologer will be the exact good day for you.

Sree Ganesh Yagya is a precise Vedic performance. Dhruva is the first among the sixteen and Vijaya is the last among them. Hindu Religious Festival:Dasera Dussehra Dasera is a major Hindu festival, as it makes up one of the three-and-a-half auspicious days sade teen muhurta of the year. Panchang Calculator to determine Tamil Panchangam. The poor brahmin Sudama visited his childhood friend Lord Krishna in Dwarka with a handful of poha on this day.

The Late Dr S. Shortly we are introducing more languages calendar matter, at first for trial basis we have released only Telugu language calendar matter. The eleventh muhurta from the sun rise is named vijaya muhurta which gives the success. Browsing Books under category: Muhurta Chintamani on Kinige. Vijaya pure silk sarees. Details on abhijit muhurta as given in muhurta texts. Diwali Date — 27th October Amavasya is considered as an inauspicious day. For 9 Aries, the Sabian Symbol system is, "A seer gazes intently into a crystal hall hefore him.

Tbese Sabian symbols do not seem to directly imply turning points, at least not to me. Tbe giri trying to catcb a fisb speaks of combat of a sort. Only tbe angel carrying tbe barp is definitely an image of transition. But one can also assume tbat tbe barp, representing music, migbt mean tbat someone is speaking up, and making tbeir o'wn music, perbaps for tbe first time.

Cbarubel says: 9 Aries: "A straight road, going in a direct line up to a point from which lead a numher of hranch roads, parting in four different directions. There is a finger-post which points hut one way — the primal way, the direct one, alluded to. But tbe man on tbe bigb mountain?

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Is tbis a turning point for bim? Hill, Lynda. Charubel and Sepharial. The Degrees of the Zodiac Symholized. Sepharial has another take: 9 Aries: "A man standing upon a lofty place with his arms folded and his head erect. It also implies the courage of confrontation, and perhaps the mythology and legendry that gro'ws from it.

The feeling is of rising above something. Yet something is also implied of a fated circumstance. Something on high — not defined, not understandable — is poised, about ready to take some sort of action. This is very indicative of the confrontational aspect of 8 Cardinal. The 8 Cardinal degree thus comes by its "turning point" reputation honestly. It is interesting to note that once a degree M Ibid, p. I think 8 Cardinal has a feel to it similar to the Gibbous phase of the lunation cycle. The not-yet potential still has room and light to gro'w into the fuU moon — or, in the case of the degree, the next decanate.

It was a unigue systeni untoucned Ly tne Greek, Roman or European astrolog ical traditions. Tne rise and lall 01 tne sun tnat marks tne day was taken as tne Dasic unit or tne hiornyihm lor astrological calculations. Tne xiunponualli is considered to De tne agricultural calendar, since it is Dased on i tne sun, and tne tonalponualli is considered to De tne sacred calendar. Aiter stuaying Astrolog 13 [at age 13 ironi linrary Dooks, slie niade pnarts every person sne niet.

Dy age 18 -. Sne now selis tnat program only on cruises so tne user nas days in "wnicn to learn no"w to use it. T kere are quite a fe'w systems for playing the horses by Astrology. It's called Wintimes. Back in it took me hours to make a ckart. On any race day, tkere are usually eigkt to 12 races a day. In eack race tkere are usually 6 to 12 korses. I prefer using my "Wintimes" program.

You are so electric for those four minutes, you just can't lose. The are so eastj to find. Machines do not go cold. You do. When playing the machines you can cash in on every second by playing as fast as you can. It could be any second. Nothing like it. People on drugs tell me there's nothing like the "high" they get from their drugs. I assure you, there's nothing like it. They comes as a result of the play place chart. Say you have some planets in your chart at 10 degrees. You can look ahead for this. Ho'wever, there's a little more to it. The play place chart must be accurate to the minute.

Your o'wn chart must be accurate to the minute, or else you must leave out the fast-movers, like house cusps, moon, and other fast-moving planets, asteroids, uranians. So, say you have degrees of lo, 13 and 15 in your o'wn chart and today there are planets coming to those degrees. The more the better. No'w if you can jiggle the chart of the play place back and forth and look ahead to find house cusps of 10, 13 and 15 that these aspects are coming to, WOW, this is ra a 4-minute iWf '. For each person, different planets are better. That's conjunctions, oppositions and squares. It's something you have to learn for yourself.

Horseracing I s Different. Every other person you meet at the track has a system. You called it! But you called it too late. Post times are not dependable. Tbe race migbt go off at or later. It's not a good idea because you could get sbot! You need to make a play place cbart track date, place and finisb time of tbe race , and eacb jockey's birtb information, one jockey at a time. You migbt bave eigbt cbarts for eacb race. Some days you migbt bave 10 or more cbarts for eacb race. You need to bave tbe play place cbart on tbe outside to see tbe cusps, but tbey must be corrected to local time.

Be sure to use tbe Kocb system. Who has the most aspects? Who has the best planets involved? There's only an aspect or t'wo needed to bring in a favorite. He's my pick. Poor giri. She had iis in her chart.

Jakatdar Vijay Shrikrishna - Pune

I haven't seen her running lately. At least include her in all your exotic bets. It's not accurate and it's very difficult to find the birthdates of all horses in any race. Of those 15 times, I had bets on eight of those jockeys. You can't get your money back. Other Horseracing Systems I have some gambling groups on-line and people compare their systems. Tbis system is too involved to explain it all bere, but you must kno'w tbe meaning of tbe borse's names. Say if Aries is at tbe top of tbe cbart, and planet Mars is coming to tbe MC top of tbe cbart at post time or t'wo minutes after post time at finisb time.

Say tbere's a borse named Aggressive Warrior!!! Tbat's so easy. I'd bet big on tbat one. But you also need to kno'w tbe meanings of tbe otber borses in tbe race and kno'w tbat no otbers are ruled by Mars or Aries. We bave some brilliant minds in tbat group, for sure. Tbey kno'w tbe meanings of tbe borse names, wbat planets and signs rule eacb name, and tbey surely do kno'w tbeir Astrology. More Horseracing Systems Every minute is ruled by an element, a number, a musical note, a color and a planet. Ii Jupiter is less tnan 10 degrees tne niarried liie will end in divorce, mit ii Jupiter is more tnan 20 degrees, tne niarried liie oi tne native "will reniain disturLed Dut tnere "will not he divorce.

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Asi como los cinco planetas tradicionales: Mercurio, Venus, Marte, Jupiter y Saturno poseen dos domicilios- uno de polaridad activa y otro de polaridad pasiva-, las luminarias pueden suponerse como un desdoblamiento -nuevamente en una version activa y pasiva- de un mismo principio de identidad. Si definimos el Sol como proyecto individual, voluntad, si mismo, encuentro con el propio centro o eje, desde el cual se observa el entorno sin perder la conciencia de si ni la direccion vital -graficado claramente en el simbolismo del Sol: un punto rodeado de un circulo-, registramos que las demandas cotidianas para sobrevivir a la competencia, para no quedar rezagados ni fuera del sistema, se asemejan mas a un Marte sobredimensionado - relacionado con respuestas violentas y defensivas- que a la seguridad solar.

La Luna fue tradicionalmente definida como sentimiento, emocionalidad, nutricion, pertenencia, empatia con el entorno, vida familiar, conexi6n con las raices y la cultura, plasticidad interna para responder a los miiltiples estimulos exteriores. El mandato contemporaneo del "self made man", unido a parametros culturales homogeneizados -desde el "fast food" a la CNN- favorecieron un crecimiento desnivelado de lo solar sobre lo lunar: perturbaciones narcisisticas, viviendas individuales, voluntarismo, egoismo a ultranza dificultando las relaciones con el projimo, familias disfuncionales, perturbaciones alimenticias, crecimiento demografico negativo, etc.

La cuestion es que si el area lunar queda inbibida, concluye interfiriendo el proceso de singularidad solar. Entre esos fenomenos elegimos senalar: Alimentacion: Vivimos en la paradoja de un mundo donde la mitad de la poblacion carece de comida y la otra mitad, excedida en alimentos, realiza dietas: para adelgazar, por el colesterol, la diabetes, etc.

Como bien expresa la antropologa Patricia Aguirre , la comida es el resultado de la ingesta de nutrientes en una cultura determinada. Corroborando -por otra via- la tradicion astrologica, conecta en una misma cadena significante: alimentacion, pertenencia, identidad, subjetividad, bistoria. La produccion industrial de alimentos, si bien corrio el fantasma de las bambrunas periodicas de nuestros antepasados, produjo la posibilidad de adquirir viveres fuera de estacion y no pertenecientes a nuestro entorno, es decir, rompio la conexi6n, el ritmo ciclico -tema lunar- del individuo con la naturaleza.

Prosigue Aguirre preguntandose: iQue es una buena nutricion? En la decada del aquella que fuera rica en vitaminas; en el 70 en proteinas, en los 90 en fibras; a partir del la discusion ronda alrededor de los transgenicos. Desde el discurso medico: comer sano; desde la publicidad: comer rapido y procesado; desde el "Canal de TV Gourmet": comer rico y elaborado; desde el discurso de las economas: comer barato y alguna abuelita todavia insiste en comer abundante.

Resumiendo: un dia comemos sano, otro rico, otro barato, otro rapido y alguna vez abundante. De manera que queda poco margen para preguntarnos iYo -Sol- de que tengo ganas -Luna-? Pero comer no solo es alimentarse sino compartir dicbo alimento con otros, ser comensal. Desde el siglo XX en adelante podria esquemati2arse la siguiente ecuacion: "Ricos flacos y gordos pohres, la alimentacion en crisis". Patricia Aguirre.

Editorial Capital Intelectual. M , Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cuerpo lindo - alimentos ricos- comensalidad familiar. Cuerpo sano - alimentos liglit - comensalidad individual. El sujeto actual es un ser atiborrado de comida en soledad, pues aunque los horarios permitan compartir la mesa familiar, el liombre come de acuerdo a la dieta para el colesterol, su mujer para adelgazar, la hija adolescente se torno vegetariana y el nino menor digiere hamburguesas. Los cuatro estan en silencio mirando la television, quebrandose toda interrelacion y comentarios sobre las pequenas o grandes vicisitudes cotidianas.

Escena que trasunta cuanto espacio de expresi6n ba perdido la Luna. Argentina produce alimentos para suministrar calorias diarias a cada babitante y tenemos ninos desnutridos. De manera que no escasea la produccion de alimentos, sino que escasea el derecbo de acceder a ellos. Inseguridad: Aqui citare algunas observaciones de Zygmunt Bauman. Pero las raices profundas de la intensa sensacion de fragilidad e inseguridad se bunden en otro suelo: la inseguridad sobre el lugar que se ocupa en el mundo, de las perspectivas de vida, de futuro, de marcos para pensar las acciones propias y ajenas.

Inseguridad que se retroalimenta minuto a minuto por la fluidez del mercado laboral, la fragilidad del valor que se da a las babilidades y competencias, la vulnerabilidad de los lazos bumanos y la precariedad de compromisos y asociaciones que son revocados facilmente. En sintesis, estamos inseguros de quienes somos -Sol- y donde estamos -Luna-. M Amor Liquido. Zygmunt Barman.

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Fondo de Cultura Economica. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Vijay Jakatdar

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Grandes masas de poblacion fluyen bacia un futuro incierto, arribando a paises donde no lograran estatus de ciudadanos: indocumentados, ilegales, no entraran al mercado laboral, quedando sumergidos en un sistema productivo marginal y de poca o ninguna calificacion. Este proceso, que se verifica especialmente del campo bacia la ciudad y de los paises pobres bacia los mas acomodados, tiene en la era de la globalizacion una nueva variante, la deslocacion de empresas en busca de naciones que posean "mayores ventajas competitivas": sueldos mas bajos, pobre o nula red de servicios sociales, excepciones impositivas, menor control ecologico, etc.

Concretamente significa que quedan sin sustento poblaciones que crecieron alrededor de un emprendimiento fabril. Sumado a la ausencia de la actividad que dio vida a las urbanizaciones, aparece un nuevo fenomeno: la migracion de los puestos dirigentes. No solo abandonan su lugar de origen los pobres, sino el personal calificado -tecnicos, gerentes, directivos- que deben estar disponibles -conjuntamente con sus familias- para ser trasladados a lugares remotos, presionados por mantener sus puestos de trabajo.

En sintesis, que no solo se desarraiga la Luna perdiendo sus referentes de pertenencia, sino que el Sol se encuentra inbibido de constituir un proyecto personal. Si ambas luminarias carecen de un espacio semejante de manifestacion, corren el riesgo de verse forzadas a expresarse en los signos de su exilio -Acuario, Capricornio- como "mal territorio de Saturno", esto es en un modelo social devorador. Un planeta exiliado no esta "debilitado", en el sentido de carecer de capacidad de manifestacion, por el contrario, se muestra intensamente desajustado con la tematica del signo donde se aloja.

Desde esta perspectiva, el Sol en Acuario denota el poder de las corporaciones multinacionales. Mientras que la Luna en Capricornio, expresa la adiccion al trabajo, la obsesion por pertenecer y no quedar fuera de la comunidad. De alli deriva la bipotesis que las luminarias lucen una presencia equivalente para la conciencia bumana.

Astrology Vs Superstition-Part 5

Analicemos, por ejemplo, el periplo de Moises. Los hebreos vivian en Egipto en estado de esclavitud y servidumbre. No contento con ello, el Faraon dio la orden de matar a todos los varones que nacieran de mujer judia. Un nino de la tribu de los Levi fue durante tres meses escondido por su madre, quien no pudiendo ocultarlo mas lo deposito en una cesta a merced del cauce del rio.

De alli sera recogido y criado por la bija del Faraon. Luego de numerosas vicisitudes, recibio un mandato superior: ponerse al frente de su pueblo y llevarlos de retorno a Canaan, la Tierra Prometida. Veamos que pasa con Edipo, un mito indo-europeo, diferente al de Moises, perteneciente a la tradicion semitica. No obstante en ambos pueden reconocerse los rasgos estructurales que describimos antes.

Layo, rey de Tebas desposo a Yocasta. De la union nacio Edipo, quien al decir del oraculo de Delfos, matara a su padre y se casara con su madre. Desafiando al destino, Layo ordeno dejar al nino abandonado, condenandolo a una muerte segura. El sirviente encargado de la infausta tarea, se compadecio de la criatura y lo entrego a unos pastores y asi llego basta Corinto, donde se cria como bijo del rey Polibo.

Ya adulto, Edipo consulta al oraculo, que reitera su profecia Decide entonces partir de Corinto y no ver mas a quien cree su padre. Camino a Tebas, se cruza con unos bombres, discute con el jefe de ellos y lo mata. Tebas se encuentra asolada por la Esfinge quien propone un enigma que nadie dilucida. Edipo la enfrenta, le responde, la vence, se acaba la bambruna, se casa con la reina y termina de cumplir con la profecia del oraculo, ya que por el camino mato a s padre y se caso con su madre. Sin duda existen mucbos otros ejemplos de relatos del beroe que parte, ignora su identidad, es criado como principe y luego retorna a sus origenes.

Abora bien, el signo de regencia del Sol -Leo-, deja detras a Cancer, gobernado por la Luna. De manera que aqui podria observarse la primera parte de la constitucion del personaje beroico: alguien que da la espalda a su origen -Cancer- e ignorando su pasado -Luna-, comienza a afirmarse en un lugar regio. Como metafora de Leo -domicilio del Sol- es bastante explicita.

Dejar atras las sombras, las ambigtiedades, el mundo subjetivo, emocional de la Luna para tornarse un ser luminoso, claro, seguro de si y de su destino. Soy el que soy, dice quien ba perdido su sombra. Nueve signos mas adelante, encontramos la exaltaci6n del Sol en Aries. Interesante numero de cierre de ciclo y retorno al cero: recuerda el lapso de un embarazo y el significado de la casa astrologica de igual numero -busqueda trascendente, filosofia, religion, valores de vida, ligazon a lo Absoluto-.

Pero en la exaltaci6n, las luminarias invierten su orden, primero se ubica el Sol -Aries- y luego la Luna -Tauro-. Ciertos autores tradicionales sostuvieron que la exaltaci6n facilita que el planeta se manifieste a traves de acontecimientos que Uegan antes de tiempo, o superan al individuo, o lo hacen relacionarse con gente de "jerarquia superior".

Resumiendo: el planeta exaltado produce sucesos interesantes pero algo forzados, tensos. Sin duda, Moises o Edipo deben liaber pensado que se habian encontrado demasiado pronto con SU desafio, que la situacion los superaba, que babian conocido personas de jerarquia superior -Jebova o la Esfinge-. Claro que quienes definian asi la dignidad planetaria no pensaban en el periplo del beroe, sino en que el planeta en exaltaci6n esta algo forzado por no ser el dueno absoluto del lugar, y aunque sea un invitado de bonor queda sometido a los designios de su anfitrion, el regente del signo, que es "como un senor dueno de su finca, de su hacienda y sus sirvientes".

A su criterio el planeta se enriquece al carecer de un poder absoluto, se pule en contacto con el dueno del signo, se socializa, en sus palabras "es fuerte pero maduro" mientras que en domicilio, el planeta "es fuerte e impetuoso" , con riesgo de ser arbitrario y demasiado seguro de si, agregariamos nosotros. Tal vez seria pertinente decir que la exaltaci6n otorga al funcionamiento planetario un cierto tinte saturnino de delimitacion, mientras que el domicilio otorga un matiz jupiteriano de valia y plenitud.

El Sol en Aries sabe que su poder esta subordinado a Marte y el desafio es constituirse como individuo independiente, obligado a bacerse cargo de si mismo. La Luna en Tauro no esta fundida con su entorno como en Cancer, sino que elige -funcion netamente venusina- pertenecer a sus raices, nutrirse de su bistoria y su pasado. Las luminarias en domicilio son viajeros que inician su periplo, plenos de entusiasmo, mientras que en la exaltaci6n estan retornando, con la experiencia y la madurez que otorga un largo viaje.

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En sintesis, si solo vivimos en la conciencia solar, desvinculandonos de lo lunar, cumplimos con la mitad de la tarea del beroe. Si aun es necesario subrayar la importancia de ambas luminarias, recordemos su combinacion en dos fenomenos astrologicos importantes: los nodos lunares y los eclipses. Como desafio de crecimiento, la vida propone responder a los estimulos de manera creativa, individual, conciente -funcion solar-. Pero para realizar con plenitud esta tarea del ser y no confundirla con un "deber ser" de Saturno es necesario estar centrados en nuestra raiz emocional -lugar de retorno a un si mismo intimo que nos conecta con la bistoria personal- correspondiente a la funcion lunar.

Mientras el Sol nos remite al ser, la Luna nos remite al estar. Elmer Bacher. Editorial Kier. Por el contrario, cuando el individuo se separa en dos, a traves del reflejo lunar comprende su proposito solar. Sin Sol, el Yo quedaria atado a la memoria del pasado, reiterando sin posibilidad de corregir, compelido a la repeticion de lo mismo. Viviria una mera existencia fisica, sin direccion individual, sin futuro y sin valores personales.

Sin Luna, el sujeto carece de sustento, de territorio donde enraizar su Yo. La zona solar es el niicleo de la autodeterminacion y libertad personales. La Luna, por el contrario, se asocia con el empuje de la pulsion -segiin S. Freud, un concepto limite entre lo psiquico y lo somatico- que une a la vez un presente constante con la rememoracion ritmica de la vivencia ciclica.

Dicba pulsion se manifiesta como adiccion -signos cardinales-, compulsion -signos fijos- y obsesion -signos mutables-. LUNA: pulsion dirigida a manifestar la voluntad y los valores morales. LUNA: pulsion orientada hacia la construccion de esquemas mentales. Sol Luna Libra "El Artista" Adiccion al arte Acuario "El Guia" Compulsion al pensamiento Geminis "El Buscador" Obsesion por la duda Conducta paranoide, en tanto se persigue a si mismo en un dialogo mental constante intentando evaluar todas las opciones posibles.

Encerrado en su mundo intelectual, trasunta una cierta dificultad para el compromiso personal. LUNA: pulsion dirigida bacia la realizacion y la concrecion.

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