Ixion in sagittarius astrology

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Thinking of possibilities that can lead to innovation. Sudden luck and positive surprises that results from focusing on positive things. Mercury in Gemini oppose Mars in Sagittarius seems to indicate thoughts at odds with acting on one's beliefs,ideals. This could indicate the need to integrate one's thinking with one's drive fueled by expansion,beliefs.

Mercury conjunct Great Attractor and Ixion, Pluto trine Vesta

Mercury oppose Mars could also be focusing on something with passion that leads to things happening faster. Mars sextile Uranus also actions working with independence. Acting independently. Sun conjunct Saturn in Gemini indicates the merging of self expression and structure in thinking. Thoughts and reality strongly connected. Physical manifestation of thoughts. A strong emphasis on karma. I would say all these astrological configurations added together equal The Law Of Attraction.

Orbital Period: Neptune in Ninth House by Aleister Crowley. The ninth house refers to science and religion. This house being exalted in the heavens, Neptune has a more proper influence than in houses not placed so highly. Unless badly afflicted, therefore, it may be considered as almost entirely benefic.

The native will have an extraordinarily pure and lofty conception of God and nature. His aspirations will be strong, so strong that they may carry him away completely from this earth, and induce him to devote the whole of his life to the most arduous and subtle researches into the glories by which he is surrounded.

It may be, to some extent, a defect that he misses the sense of actuality; the enthusiasm which fills him may lead him to think far in advance of his period; he may fail entirely to realise that the human race, as a whole, is not in line with him. The energies associated with Mars and Saturn are quite different.

The 12th House: Keys to the Kingdom. Pluto-Moon From a Spiritual Perspective. Pluto in 7th house interpreted, with superb 3D astrology image. Pluto Conjunct North Node. Quote: Astrology: Plutonion people. Sun Trine Uranus. Those with Sun Trine Uranus possess a high source of creativity and inspiration on tap and have an endless well of ideas streaming through their consciousness.

They are usually magnetic, dynamic and have some genius talents.

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What is a Persona Chart?

Mercury conjunct Great Attractor and Ixion, Pluto trine Vesta – Cosmic Diaries Blog

Neptune Sextile Pluto. Astrology and Reincarnation. Chiron and Friends - Ixion. We could Pig out directly with our snouts, but the more elegant solution is to Feed One Another. The Exposure of Facebook as just another Ripoff disguised as a Gift to you is a good example of the Capricorn Cusp — now can we Build something useful to the Planet and its inhabitants, instead of just another 0.

The Astronomy and Astrology of Ixion

A ton of Energies are on the Cusp from Sagittarius to Capricorn, including…. But as we get closer to 5D the only valid Authority is your own Soul. Most of our Codependence was Cleansed by Fire during the passage of Self-Confidence Chariklo and Codependence itself Hylonome through Sagittarius, the former , and the latter If you think about the Major Changes you went through during those years, you can probably find clues about any Authorititis you still need to Heal. So we only have about three more years to Cleanse our Self-Sovereignty.

Just as you can default on your Loans, so can they. More likely, that will go only to the folks with very expensive lawyers. That should allow an increasingly Clear view of the Horizon and the Stars — or an increasingly Clear view of the Truth of our own Self-Sovereignty. On the Cusp of Virgo, there promises to be a good deal of Ego Death. But you can Trust that these Energies are building beneath the surface.

You might even catch up to the teenagers. For instance, what if you were a lawyer, and starting in the s you developed a secondary specialty in sexual harassment cases. It takes a lot of Self-Sovereignty to follow a thread through the Underground, but it pays off. The Demand will be there, just not on Weasel News.

But then there are the other arenas of Life. The sort of Love that Expects something in Return is another category altogether. Lots of Tapping, perhaps? The necessary realization by any individual making a violent use of collective power that it will lead to the inevitable destruction of some of the values ensuring group-integration.

Sagittarius is about Letting Go and Letting the Goddess. Try putting Awe in their place.

Ixion in sagittarius astrology

The Big Deal upcoming occurs on St. Before we talk about the specific Energies that are Changing, lets just compare the natures of the Old Cycles with the natures of the New Cycles. Those fairly well identify the Advance Guard of the Yang Female over the recent past. The Sunbonneted-Kids-Playing-on-the-Beach-since attribute reminds me of the giddiness of the folks who have already Ascended to the Yang Feminine , Enjoying the Cosmic Joke, swimming with Dolphins, and riding the bus furthur yet.

The Sunbonnets are an interesting artifact. It also implies that between now and , the Patriarchy does indeed Self-Destruct, which otherwise is a source of great Fear and Loathing. The sustaining power of the whole, as the individual identifies with its life. Asteroid Moira is named for The Fates. The best single keyword for Neptune is probably Spirit. If Anger arises, what would it say, and in whose voice would it be?


Which is to say…. Under the avalanche of thoughts and Emotions that deluge us daily, these are the flags that mark the edge of the highway to our Liberation, if we use to find and Embrace our Limiting Beliefs rather than using them to puff up our Ego. Dan and the Arcturians have some interesting and relevant comments today, from…. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

Sagittarius September 2019 Astrology Horoscope MAJOR OPPORTUNITIES

You are exploring, and you will forever be exploring.

ixion in sagittarius astrology Ixion in sagittarius astrology
ixion in sagittarius astrology Ixion in sagittarius astrology
ixion in sagittarius astrology Ixion in sagittarius astrology
ixion in sagittarius astrology Ixion in sagittarius astrology
ixion in sagittarius astrology Ixion in sagittarius astrology

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