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On an individual level, these outer planets can affect the individual quite profoundly when they are closely connected to the more personal planets by aspect relationship. Here we will see the strength of the outer planets asking the individual to rise to the challenges and accept the power that they might bring into our everyday lives. We can also look to house position to determine what area of life they might be influencing. But their energy by sign is felt on more of a collective level. We look to these signatures to gather information about larger groups or generations of people.

Because they are in a sign for a much longer period of time, their influence is more powerful, causing a deeper experience than the closer, faster moving planets. As we go through the transits of the planets, consider that there are three phases that we need to think about: The first is the moment of birth; what kind of environment were these children born into? The second is when these children come of age. What was going on when these children started to find their voice as young adults?

What are they protesting? What changes do they hope to see in the world? And the third is when this same group of children become adults and begin to have influence in the world. What does it look like when they are the people in power? Because we are looking at the outer planets from a generational perspective, we are wise to look at history to help us make sense of what to expect moving forward. The historical examples given are largely from a European perspective but will give an idea of how the energy of the planets coincided with what was transpiring on a larger scale.

Uranus is the first of the modern planets, discovered in This was the time of the first industrial revolution, with the discovery of an extraordinary number of inventions, and the push toward modern science the first reference to a scientist came in Its symbolism was assigned based on its eccentric order and the global political revolutions that were occurring around the time of its discovery. Originally Uranus was interpreted as partaking of the nature of Mercury and Saturn. It was considered wholly unfortunate. Today, astrologers tend to say Uranus represents the need for freedom, originality, sudden changes and new possibilities, the possibility of chaos, the unexpected, innovation, our desire to be unique, liberated, and radical.

It also represents genius and eccentricity, invention and original ideas.

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E ccentric, electric, and changeable, being a mixture, or essence, of all the planets. Displays eccentricity, abruptness, originality, genius, and superior refinement and subtlety of ideas. Marc Edmund Jones : Uranus, in its indication of independence, brings social reality to the point of individual opportunity. Uranus is essentially a planet of deviation in a highly creative sense, actually inoperative in any area of conscious experience unless there are elements in the individual life which are somehow challenging to the entire context of a modern world.

It provides the measure of originality and genius. Karen Hamaker-Zondag : Uranus stands for the factor in man which, for the sake of self-determination, is all too ready to break up the old patterns, kept in existence by the Saturn function, in order to replace them by patterns and forms which will give the psyche more room for development.

Scope for unrestricted and unconditional self-expression is a prerequisite for those with a strong Uranus function, and it can give rise to eccentric behavior in either a constructive or destructive sense, when combined with the urge to break through forms. Robert Hand : Uranus intrudes with an energy that is unexpected and often disruptive. Uranus energies strive to break one out of patterns that have become too rigid Be sure to rest more and look after yourself more, not less! That way you might make some real long-term strides in your healing and after the transit is over you might come out of it even better than how you went in.

Not everything about Jupiter is all sunshine and roses.

Jupiter can lead to diseases of excess, such as weight gain especially if it is parked on your ascendant or afflicting your Venus. And a Jupiter trine might be the last thing you want if you are dealing with tumors, because it could exacerbate their growth. Then there is an interesting emotional side-effect of Jupiter that is common for people with chronic illnesses. But when you are living with the limitations of a chronic illness, you are not always in a position to satisfy this desire for fun and expansion.

Dietary restrictions, activity restrictions, and socializing restrictions might be part of your everyday life in order to manage your disease.

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Other restrictions include pain, fatigue or immobility. Therefore, when happy-go-lucky Jupiter suddenly makes an entrance in a big way in your chart by transit, he can trigger a whopping case of dissatisfied yearning more than anything else. You might suddenly feel an incredible desire to seek more fun out of life, but this desire can be a huge pain-in-the-butt if you are not able to realistically do anything to improve your situation to begin with. Coping with chronic illness takes a lot of daily mental gymnastics in order to maintain an even emotional keel and not give in to depression and despair.

In a single moment, the carefully cultivated acceptance of our disease can get totally blown apart. Suddenly we feel miserably hungry again and want nothing less than to roam freely, explore and follow our bliss.

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Caught up in the Jupiter optimism, we may throw caution to the wind and try out new activities, new foods, and set new goals, in an attempt to follow our joy in life. However, if done too fast or too extreme, this can make symptoms flare in a dangerous fashion. We are then left between a rock and a hard place. Jupiter has shown us the goal, and has lit our enthusiasm for it on fire again but, as we are painfully aware, we might never achieve that goal in our lifetime. And that can be all kinds of hell when you have a chronic disease. So Jupiter transits call for some creativity if you are going to reap the benefits of them in a healthy way.

Then savor that growth. Something in your life is itching to expand, but instead of going out in an extreme fashion to achieve your goal in typical Jupiter style make sure that you first test your limits in a grounded and gradual way. If you find that your life naturally and easily expands, without a lot of opposition from your body, then proceed with your goal. During Saturn transits, chronic conditions often worsen. Saturn transits are work. And when your health already requires a lot of work as it does when you have a chronic illness then a Saturn transit can turn into a struggle.

Transits In Astrology

Moving around might feel harder than usual. And you tend to think about your illness more because circumstances are likely forcing you to. Depression and grief may worsen. Arthritic conditions or conditions of contraction paralysis might worsen temporarily. Teeth and bones might begin to need attention.

We tend to lose weight, and this is especially challenging if you are already too thin due to your illness. With challenging aspects, you might spend a lot more time at the dentist or you might develop a rash or some other bothersome skin condition. An underlying weakness might come to the fore now.

Astrological Transits: Outer Planets

Symptoms associated with old age might also be highlighted. Fortunately, along with all these problems, Saturn will give you the willingness to work on your health, too. This is especially the case if he is travelling through your 6th house. You might find that you are more willing to put some effort into your treatments or that you finally get around to making some badly needed changes in your nutrition, exercise or hygiene routines.

Astrology Chart Readings and Forecasts

If you have been the type of person who eats a lot of junk food and basically ignores your body until it breaks down, this transit might see you suddenly buying salads, reading up on vitamins and learning to use dental floss. Saturn transits whether or not they are challenging squares or positive trines can also give us a more mature outlook about our bodies and our health, and can give us the stamina we need to achieve our long-term health goals.

We are more willing to put off short-term gain for the long-term benefits. So you might finally get around to trying out that complicated health protocol that you have been putting off for some time. While Chiron is technically called a centaur or minor planet by astronomers, his role in chronic illness is major.

Chiron is the centaur of wounding and healing and if you are sick, you need to pay special attention to him. Challenging Chiron transits conjunction, square, opposition, quinqunx can have severe negative effects on the physical body and could signal a major downturn in health. Chances are, when you came down with your condition in the first place, Chiron was involved. Chiron transits can also signal relapses or exacerbations of chronic illness. Even positive Chiron aspects sextile, trine can be rough to undergo. Chiron can heal but only if the illness or wound is fully faced first. A boil must be lanced before it can heal, and so sometimes healing hurts at first.

An Introduction to the Outer Planets

Sometimes Chiron trines and sextiles can feel as brutal as the squares or oppositions, but healing generally happens faster with the positive aspects. A number of Chiron trines in your chart can signal that healing is underway, and if you are fortunate enough to experience this, it is time to put some effort into a healing protocol.

Try out new treatments, see new doctors and do whatever you can to assist this process because you might cure a condition or at least considerably improve one that has plagued you for some time. Rules the ankles, the nervous system and the electrical system of the body. Often, the transit itself need not be particularly challenging in order to produce a challenging event.


For example, if a natal planet is afflicted, receiving a Uranus trine is no better than a square or opposition. Because of its disruptive nature, Uranus transits can be especially problematic for people who already suffer from seizures or circulation issues. For example, Uranus in challenging aspect to a natal Sun that is afflicted could signal heart rhythm abnormalities or heart issues. Uranus can also be related to sudden accidents and electric shock.

As he travels through the 6th, your health might seesaw wildly as Uranus aspects the rest of the natal planets in the chart. Uranus transiting the 6th can also signify a desire to change your usual health routines. It is like you suddenly wake up and survey all the habits you mindlessly follow each day and suddenly see them with fresh eyes. For example, if you are used to eating the same thing day after day, you might suddenly get more creative in the kitchen, concocting the latest health shakes or experimenting with new healthy dishes.

Or you suddenly get interested in the latest exercise fad. You might also decide to try out unusual healing treatments, especially those involving alternative medicine or ones that use cutting edge technology. Regardless of the effects of all this experimentation on your state of health, you will likely enjoy the novelty of it all and find it a very interesting and stimulating experience. And with any luck, if transiting Uranus makes a favorable contact in your natal chart while he is in the 6th, you might be rewarded with a sudden and fortunate shift of health thanks to all your efforts.

But if we are living lives so focused on playing it safe or on material security we are unlikely to integrate these energies in a positive way. Saturn teaches in a more direct way and practical way. A healthy Saturnine strength recognizes development takes place over time and growth is slow and comes through practice and experience. Those stronger transits may require us to work harder or longer than we expected to get the results we are after. Learn your point of integrity — and stick with it as you learn.

But that is not the transit itself, but what we are doing with the energies that urge us to solve the problem. Address issues, solve problems, yes — but no need to fall into feelings of failure or pessimism. This is the much loved feeling of expansion and energy that can quite literally improve the circulation and oxygenation of our bodies in certain transits to Asc, Mars, Sun, etc.

It is good to use its stronger transits to reaffirm what the real you feels like, what optimism feels like and hold to that as the more challenging times return. Some of its stronger transits can encourage indulgence or over-confidence through a feeling nothing can go wrong naive optimism — such as Jupiter square Moon, Asc, Sun, etc. It is good to have positive, constructive objectives during these transits and set them up in positive fashion rather than allowing it to degrade into escapism or simple self-indulgence. Expansion principle — its best growth is to move us outwards not merely in knowledge or more experiences, but to greater social understanding, community, group strength.

Summary Obviously, these can occur in combinations that can seem like the universe is contradicting itself yes … no … yes … no … yes. We cannot necessarily navigate by cognitive, rational means. Nor should we navigate life by helpless reaction to what appear to be circumstantial stop and go signs.

This is where an overall good transit assessment can be beneficial.

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